About Peyman Molavi

About Peyman Molavi

Peyman Molavi was born in Tabriz, from the generation of the sixties; His father was an agricultural manager and his mother was a teacher.
He completed his high school course at Alborz High School in Tehran (former college), and is a graduate of Accounting and Financial Economics from Essex University, England.
In his professional activity, he has been active in the field of investment consulting and international financing of large and medium-sized companies and has given more than 500 domestic and international speeches as a keynote speech in the field of economics, finance and investment.
They have also published numerous articles in the field of economics and investment in specialized newspapers and magazines.
He is the founder of Molawi Financing and Investment Academy, which with more than 3,000 members is considered one of the most important economic, financing and investment training platforms for many in Iran.
Also, he has been a member of the Executive Board and the Secretary General of the Iranian Economists Association for a period. He is a supporter of the free market and economic liberalism, and he has directed all his media and writing activities in this direction, because he believes that Iran needs non-economic development. It is prescriptive and based on the right to choose.

Peyman Molavi graduated from Alborz High School in 1378 and studied accounting and financial economics at the University of Essex, England, and wrote his master's thesis under the title of the 2007 financial crisis, causes and challenges, and the role of auditors. They published 2007 financial crisis.

Also, he succeeded in obtaining a Doctorate of Business Administration in the course of Doctorate in Executive Management (DBA) with a strategic, financial and investment approach at the University of Tehran School of Management, Tehran Business School.

Peyman Molavi is the founder of Molavi Institute, Molavi Capital, Molavi Academy of financing and investment.

He was a continuous member of the Iranian Accounting Association and the secretary general and member of the executive board of the Iranian Economists Association (1400-1396). Later, he was a shareholder of Euro Invest UK and a partner in Euro Exim Capital Spain.

And also in the past as a senior consultant for economic, financing and domestic and foreign investment in large organizations and companies such as Khosrow Medisa Teb KMT Holding Company, APEC Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Contracting Companies Association, Alborz Steel Industries Company, Haft Almas industrial Company, Iran Agricultural Investment Company, Marine Industries Development Fund, Khoram Sanat Industries and many other organizations were active.

In a period of 3 years until 1401, he was also the head of the Economic Commission of Iran's Mining House.

Peyman Maulavi as a lecturer and speaker in the fields of business, investment, financing and financial management in conferences, seminars and many specialized courses for CEOs and board members, experts and senior experts of organizations, banks and reputable institutions, experience and They have offered their expertise to take a fundamental step towards the progress and development of the country.

Also, Peyman Molavi is the author of the book Dance of Markets, which examines parallel investment markets in Iran.